Taking money out of politics.

Quick! Name three laws passed in the last 10 years in Lansing...

Most Michiganders struggle with that question too, while all of us could have easily found better use of the $200+ million dollars paid to our State Legislators and their aides.

It's time to take the money out of politics and adopt a part time legislature similiar to nearly every other state in the country!

Working together and with your support we will put an end to the wasteful process of funding full time partisan bickering. We are asking ALL our 2020 election cycle legislative hopefuls, as well as those continuing in their existing terms, to take the Not On MI Dime Pledge to reduce Legislative pay by 80%.

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Proposals to make Michigan a part time legislature have been introduced in many recent legislative sessions in addition to efforts in recent years to make part time legislature a ballot initiative. Prior to the creation of The Not On MI Dime organization none of these initiatives have fully achieved success.

Not On MI Dime will succeed where others in the past have failed. Working together, and with your support, we will ensure success by asking all our legislative hopefuls to take the Not On MI Dime Pledge to reduce legislative pay by 80% and hold them accountable to their word.

Not On MI Dime needs your help today to ensure coverage in each and every district throughout the State of Michigan and the Will of The People will prevail!

How to help in less than one minute!
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